"Clearing my home"?!?  Why should I?


"My home feels blissfully light and clean and happy and free!! And I feel that way too!"


Does this resonate?

You have a busy life, in a pleasant way, have great plans & ideas and engage in lots of activities out of the house, both work and otherwise.

You also long to really relax now and then. Or work on your plans and ideas and creative projects that touch your heart and fulfill you.


However, on the days you dedicate to do these things, you are at home and feel tired. You cannot get into the swing. You don't feel relaxed at all.

You would like to sleep.

What you sometimes just do.


What happened to your exciting plans?   You still have them, but you just don't seem to get ahead...

Your plans for a nice and easy day, just pottering around?   Disappeared into nowhere...


Or this....?

You feel anxious, stressed, sad, without a clear cause.  Minor irritations pop up in the family.

You often feel like it's difficult to move forward. This might have started since you moved to this house?


If these situations sound familiar, there is a good chance the energy in your home has stalled.

Your home became 'passive'.

That is not visible, therefore it seems as if you are the one who is passive and lacks energy.


What happens is actually quite common: in the same way your house gets dirty, just by living there, the energy gets dirty too, also just by living there.

What's going on?

Everything that happens in a space, remains in the space as 'energetic information'. This can either originate from previous residents, or left by you/your family, resulting in a 'passive' space: the energy can't 'flow', there's a lack of energy and a feeling of being drained.


This may be the result of your own tension & emotions, but there also might be charge left from previous residents, or even originate from before the house was build.


As a current resident, those emotions can be experienced as if they are yours. 

When in fact it is 'information you picked up'.


Life may seem tedious: feelings like having to put in disproportionate effort to complete  simple tasks. Communication isn't flowing. Concentrating is hard. You feel tired and sleep gets easilty disrupted.


It is often a very subtle, indefinable 'sluggish' feeling. In most cases you won't think of connecting it with the space.


The good news is that the tension can be released, resulting in a clear and supportive space.

Creating feelings of spaciousness, empowerment and light.

Feeling charged instead of depleted.


It is also possible to clear a new space ahead of living there, thereby giving yourself the gift

of a 'clear start' without lingering charge.


Due to the nature of energy, not being connected to time and place, if necessary it is possible to do a house clearing from a distance. The floorplan is used to 'walk though your home'.
To keep the residents aligned to the house, personal clearing for all residents is included.

Investment € 250 




"I had been longing to move for years, but when I finally lived in my new home it didn't feel good at all. Totally me.. so at first I felt like I needed to fully deal with this myself.

I didn't know when the clearing would be done, but suddenly I noticed a feeling of spaciousness emerging around my stomach, together with a lot of 'movement'.

It is hard to explain in words, but I feel like a draining connection got released, and is replaced by a deep feeling of tranquility. After that I could go on with my process of settling in my new home. I now sense healthy boundaries around my home and garden."

I, The Netherlands.


"I entered my space and was stunned: WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED HERE?!?!?!?!  Seemed like a spring-cleaning was done!"

A, The Netherlands


"I feel like I can breathe again. Finally my life gets going again. Such a relief!"
B, The Netherlands


"Our house was for sale for quite some time. Potential buyers came along, but were never serious, although we were living in a highly popular neighbourhood! So after months and months, we started to be a bit worried.
The afternoon Ilsabeth cleared our house, a family got in touch and bought the house soon after!"

J and family

"After the clearing, the space felt light & brisk, like a beautiful fresh day in spring, when everything starts to open up and bloom! To me, this is a feeling of spaciousness, I opened up to new perspectives, thoughts and actions. A lovely and positive feeling!