Welcome to my online home

I'm so glad you are here!

I help people who like to flourish in life, make full use of their sacred home space, to feel great, understand themselves better and create a more pleasant and fulfilling life!

When it comes to feeling good and finding your place in life, the role of the home often stays out of the picture. While it has so much potential!

You can learn a lot by just looking at your home.


The space you live in is a reflection of yourself. This works both ways:

You choose your house and shape your house, consciously and unconsciously.  

And your house affects you, also consciously and unconsciously.


Your home is a source of knowledge about you and supports you to feel better,

at home and in your life in general!


Hi I am Ilsabeth!


Feng Shui, environmental psychology and clearing expert

with passion for personal development & understanding

what you see and don't see around you, especially when it comes to your home.


Using this expertise, I have found a way to work with people and their homes, resulting in: feeling more at home, both in home and  life! 



To flourish in home & life!


A Feng Shui analysis offers unique insight into your home and self, by showing the energetic connection

between you and the

space you live in.

Based on very powerful ancient knowledge.





All that happens in a space remains as 'energetic information'. This can either originate from previous residents or left by you/your family, resulting in a 'passive' space: lack of energy and a feeling of being drained. Clearing this energy creates feelings of space and empowerment.


My signature program to align your home & life. Create space for what you really want. Align your physical space with your goals.
Feel energized for your daily activities.
Home as a tool for personal development!