*Flourish at home & in life*

A 10 week private 1:1 program to create more space & energy in your life

by aligning your home to your true nature & intentions


What does it mean to flourish in your home and life?


Flourish in your home and life is a ten week-long party during which I will help you reach a perfect synchronicity between you and your home!

In 10 weeks you will create a home that energizes you when you need it and soothes you when you need peace and quiet.

We capture what is important to you, from your heart & mind, your dreams, your desires, and from what your home is telling you here and now.


Through a Feng Shui analysis of your home we learn how the energy moves through your home, where the obstacles are and where the opportunities for you (and your family, if applicable).


With Nine Star Ki (Chinese Astrology that connects you & your home) your story becomes highly personal.


Starting from the now transparant insights we will draw up a practical plan for you to start making your home into the best possible home for you. To create balance. Action and rest, productivity and pleasure. A place to stay fit and relax.

In your home and in your body!


By clearing your home, you can make a fresh start: I will wipe away your ‘energetic dirt’.


For a period of ten weeks you will receive 3 personal clearings per week to create space for a new balance within your inner system.


After 10 weeks you will have a solid base to flourish, both in your home and in your life!

This is my signature program. My clients get my full attention and support, and that's why I don't take many clients at the same time.

However, if you feel I am the right person for you and your right timing is NOW (for example, due to changing circumstances in your life or living situation), please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss possibilities!



"I was just turning 30 and life was pretty good. My career was going very well, I’d just bought my own apartment and was going on fun holidays with my friends. Everything was going great apart from my love life. It’s seemed I was great at everything else except relationships. They were always explosive at the start but then finished abruptly leaving me feeling rejected, lonely and wondering where I was going wrong.


Thankfully I contacted Ilsabeth as a friend had recommend her to me and that’s when everything changed. As soon as Ilsabeth arrived at my apartment I instantly knew I’d made the right call. Her energy is radiant.

After a consultation, Ilsabeth explained to me that my living space wasn’t very ‘open’ for love. I had a painting of Marilyn Manroe above my bed and she doesn’t exactly symbolise loving long term relationships as Ilsabeth gently pointed out.


I had no photos, painting, ornaments etc of relationships or love anywhere. I guess for me my apartment was a ‘pit stop’ until I bought my forever home with my future partner and I treated it as that, even though I hadn’t recognised it. Everything was minimalistic and a bit cold.


Ilsabeth advised me how I could rearrange my living space and what items I should remove and what to replace with to make my living space more inviting and warm and welcoming of love. I had never considered how cold my apartment was to any potential boyfriend. It screamed I like my own space and I’m not into relationships. I took Ilsabeth’s advice and the next day I made all the little changes she advised and i could feel the difference straight away. My home was warm and inviting and I felt better in it even just for me.


As it happened a few months later I met Simon, he would become my future husband. Ilsabeth definitely had a part to play in that.

I couldn’t recommend Ilsabeth more. I’m very thankful I was lucky enough to have met her when I did."
Audrey, Dublin, Ireland



"I feel so much better in my space! I like to be at home, want to be home more often now. Finally it feels like MY home, fitting my true nature and matching my desires. And I only made a few small adjustments!

Before working with Ilsabeth, I read several books about Feng Shui. But I didn't really get it then. Ilsabeth made it so much clearer. She helped me to tune in to my own intuition. A lot has changed!"

J, The Netherlands